You may have seen me playing out by now. The weather is still a bit unpredictable, so opportunities to play outside have been more random than usual. If you’re in Portland, follow me on twitter to get updates when I’m about to play!

Some tour news: I’m playing a show in Asheville, NC, with some old compatriots, Kreamy ‘Lectric Santa and Shellshag, at Static Age on June 22. Also, I’ll be appearing at Chattanooga’s Do Ya Hear We?! Fest, June 23-25, playing in a few slots on June 24 at Sluggo’s Vegetarian Café. (Or probably outside, as is my wont.) Here’s the tour page.

Finally, I’ve stopped doing blog posts about every single show. They were getting a little repetitive, and I doubt anyone was reading them anyway.

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Video courtesy of Jen and Shell, AKA, Shellshag